The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Ms.Zeta Emilianidou and Health Minister Mr. Petros Petrides held a joint meeting with officials at the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

The aim of the meeting was to review the whole process for the granting of disability pensions Mrs. Emilianidou said after the meeting that " the objective is to review the whole process for the granting of disability pensions in the best possible way"
On the issue he said the Minister of Labour will set up technical teams , which will discuss all the facts and will submit to a period of one month their own suggestions to complete the system to be applied .

The recommendations will be submitted to the Ministers of Labour and Health , who in turn will submit their proposal to the Cabinet A question whether to reduce pensions, Minister said that there is no question of reducing pensions, but is' theme procedures which should apply " in order to get disability pensions those who really need . " We talk about correct criteria ," he added .On his part, the Minister of Health said that was never subject potential misuse or abuse of the system and that the review is based on a decision by the Cabinet and that the aim is to get fair criteria .

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